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Course Record: Tie at 50. Wood and Crabtree.
1-5-17 Nick Wood 50 Witness Tony Adams and Justin Banks
12/30/17 Kyle Crabtree 50 Witness Eric Laiblin
9/11/17 Chris Hetterschiedt 52 Witness Mason Dell
7/22/17 Chris Hetterschiedt 54 Witness Mason Dell
6/21/17 Chris Hetterschiedt 55 Witness Mason Dell
6/18/17 Aaron Porter 60 Witness Craig Brooks

Disc Golf Rates

18 Holes Disc Golf $10.00
18 Hole Cart Fee $7.50 (Per Player 1/2 Cart)
All Day Disc Golf $15.00
All Day Disc Golf Cart Fee $12.00 (Per Player 1/2 Cart)

Caddy Book

Course Policies:
To make the integration with ball golfers go smoothly. Follow these policies.
Foursomes Only. No spectators. Perception is important so look like a ball golfer and move like a ball golfer. Even if you make a mistake they will cut you some slack if you look good. If you look and act scruffy and wear tank tops they will complain and tell us they are never coming back.
Observe the PDGA Dress Code.
Pace of play is important and just letting faster groups play through is not the answer to your slow play, especially if it is busy. If you let one group through there is potentially five groups you will need to let go through one after the other. So slow play is not Okay. You must pick up the pace and you must keep the pace of play up to the ball golfers standard. We have a Championship level Disc Golf Course here so beginners are not recommended.

DGCoursereview.com Rates us 4 Stars out of 5.
Facebook has us 4.4 Stars. See Eric Miller’s Visitors Post.

Watch Kitsap Classic Final Round Part One. Kyle Crabtree, Chandler Fry, Nick Wood, and Cameron Sheehan

Part 2 Kitsap Classic 2017


Please Play Ready Golf
Pace of Play is Important. Throttle your pace to stay with the group in front and keep the group in back from waiting.
No Disc Golf Before 10:00am On Weekends
90 Degree Rule With Cart on Wet Winter days